News Collections simple & Max

News collections simple & Max

Hi guys! hope you doing well!

I am Maxime Guengant the creator of the bandana brand 1998.simpleMax and today I decided to start to write for you some articles for the blog

I would like to talk about the news collections simple and Max

I chose to create a new collection for simple and Max because I found news fabrics for these collections and I love to create and promote news bandanas

The collection simple has 3news bandanas

simple#4 Blue

simple#5 Green

simple#6 Pink

The collection Max has 4news bandanas

Max#4 Black / Max#5 Turquoise

Max#6 White / Max#7 Red

I chose to go in Miami to promote the news collections because it’s the city where I found the desire to create this brand the last year! It’s also the city that inspires me!

Everyone has a place on this earth where he feels at his own place! I think I found my own place in Miami. I can’t explain why and how but you will understand the day where u will find your favorite place on this world.

So, for this collection I chose to realize the shooting in Wynwood, it’s the artistic area in Miami

My choice was immediately for Wynwood. Because with 1998.simpleMax we want to sell the creativity, the difference, and the originality and it’s the feeling that you have when you are in Wynwood.

For the models, I chose two friends for this shooting Craig Prather and Zachary Deans two men from USA with a unique and inspiring style. Their style it’s a perfect combination with 1998.simpleMax. Vintage colors shirts with black jean for Zach and white shirt with blue jean for Craig. And for sure the timeless Vans on their feet. We spent two hours doing over 1000 photos with different styles and backgrounds while maintaining the same spirit of the brand that I wanted to keep vintage and artistic.

We hope you will love the news colors for bandanas Max and simple! You can check our Instagram to discover our favorites pics of the shooting!

Thank you, Craig and Zach, for making this shoot a fun and professional moment!!

Now you can shop your favorites bandanas online

Love you guys thank you for your support all around the world!



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