The essence of the brand, created on the French Riviera (Hyère) in 2017, is reflected as a brand of its generation. The brand integrates the bandana as a universal fashion accessory while preserving its history. Because the bandana is an important accessory in our culture, raised by hippies and the homosexual community and then integrated into the imagery of rock and rap. These elements, which constitute the history of the bandana, allow SIMPLEMAX to be inspired by it to create its brand image.

The brand offers a line of cutting-edge accessories validated by many customers, bloggers and fashion professionals. It uses fabrics with patterns and colours from its region, Provence, which respect a very strict irreproachable quality criterion (100% cotton, "Made in France").

The result, elegant and original bandanas, with a vintage and classic touch, in which you can guess the love of a job well done.  Because at SIMPLEMAX every element counts when creating, from the smallest detail to the selection of a fabric, material or colour. An anchored, personal and at the same time universal identity.